Thursday, February 27, 2014

Steinbeck, Google and Attribution

Struggling out of a bloggy torpor, hoping to get back in the swing, just a little. Today, a prompt: the February 27th Google search graphic celebrates John Steinbeck's 112th birthday with a cycle of illustrations on a slider, several per book title from a selection of the greatest hits: Grapes of Wrath, 

Cannery Row, 

Of Mice and Men, 
The Pearl, etc.

An agreeable project, to be sure. The interactive aspects of these things are somewhat engaging. I like the textural summation of the episodic structure in the spelled-out GOOGLE best.

But where's the designer/illustrator credit? Presumably this comes from the bowels of the Google-plex–a staff job?–but even so, it would be nice to have an attribution. Not being evil (even if said motto has come to seem a teeny bit outdated) would include stating credits. This is a hobby-horse of mine, as readers of GT (possibly having dwindled in response to my lowered production) know. Objections to bogus or zero attribution: A Noseful of That, and a perennial favorite of buried-credit objectors: Roy Lichtenstein.


Will Bates said...

I meant to post this last week-

To answer, yes, this Doodle was done in house. And when applicable, the Doodlers do a writeup explaining their process and guest illustrators, usually posted the day after the Doodle goes live.

Ask, and you shall receive!

aamiits said...

nice graphics and very artistic